Zug/Zuck/Zaug/Zook Genealogy

Tracing the ancestry and descendants of American Zook immigrants

The surname Zougg, from which the spellings Zaugg, Zogg, Zug, Zuck, Zouck, Zook, and others were derived, is of ancient Swiss origin. In early times, people with this name were found in the valley of the Emme River (Emmental) that comprises a large part of present-day Canton Bern. The meaning of the early Zougg name is unknown.  Several stated meanings over the past century were incorrectly based on the modern Zaugg and Zug spelling. Most people in America with this surname are descendants of a relatively few emigrants from southern Germany whose ancestors came down the Rhein River from Switzerland.

This website is devoted to sharing new discoveries and proven information related to these and later immigrants, as well as their European ancestry. 

Revised Zug/Zuck/Zouck/Zook Genealogy, Second Edition (2009) by Harry D. Zook, is now available.  This is an expanded, revised, and updated edition of the original book of the same title, published in 1983.  For a brief description of the revision, click here.